“Miss Joan’s” passion for dance has really transformed my appreciation and respect for the art over the past year and a half.  Her instruction in class is valuable, encouraging, and a lot of fun!  She easily manages a class of several dancers and at the same time keeps a strong sense of the personal progress of each individual.  Miss Joan has a warm comfortable personality and a great sense of humor; but I still think her greatest asset as a teacher is that she loves to dance—and she will make you love it too!- Kelly
Joan Yankauskas School of Dance
I decided to give dance a try again after a long break. I started with a stretch class once a week and was soon taking Latin Cardio, Jazz, Tap and Ballet. Miss Joan´s adult dance classes are fun, non-competitive and great exercise. She is encouraging and takes the time to demonstrate each exercise that she teaches you. Miss Joan makes you feel good about yourself and always has a kind word to say. Miss Joan and Miss Jennifer and all the assistants are fabulous and I would recommend her studio to anyone that asks. She teaches all shapes, sizes and ages with compassion and understanding. Thanks for everything you do Miss Joan and I look forward to many more years of dancing in your adult classes!- Heather
Joan Yankauskas School of Dance
I have been dancing at the studio for 9 years. My experience here will never be forgotten, as well as all the friends I have made over the years. Each dance class is something to look forward to. At the end of the year, you have an amazing dance to show off and be proud of. Each time I come my dancing improves, and I have a new story to share. Even though my sister and I moved, we continue to travel to Miss Joan´s to learn even more. The classes give everyone the attention they need. The teachers make sure that each person understands the new step before moving on. If it takes me an extra five minutes to learn the step, everyone accepts that. I love coming here, into the amazing atmosphere and learning experience.- Katya Joan Yankauskas School of Dance My two daughters have been taking Miss Joan´s classes since the age of three. Now they are 15 and 12. They love the studio. There are a variety of classes including ballet, jazz, tap, point, hip hop, afro-jazz and my favorite oriental (belly dance). We moved from Worcester to Brookline, but still come to Miss Joan on Saturday´s and most Monday´s as well. She created a family atmosphere in her studio. She makes great dance routines and I enjoy watching her classes. I also like that she supports creativity and allows kids to wear their costumes with a touch of personality at recitals. Some other studios make kids look identical on the stage and it´s hard to recognize your child! Miss Joan is a great teacher and dancer. She dances a couple of numbers at every recital. She is an amazing dancer. I get goose bumps when I see her belly dancing! My older daughter is thinking of choosing dancing as her career. Miss Joan is helping very much to make my daughters dream come true.- Victoria
Joan Yankauskas School of Dance
I have been dancing at The Joan Yankauskas School for Dance for 13 years. I never thought about going anywhere else. The teachers are really good teachers and really nice when they help us with our dance steps. I have never, not liked a dance. It feels like everyone at the studio is a big family. I love it here!- Valerie
Throughout my thirteen years of dancing here, I´ve constantly been eager to come to dance class. We have such a variety here that you´d find something in your style without a doubt. I´ve taken jazz, tap, ballet, oriental and hip hop, all of which I´ve loved. Monday has become my favorite day in the week because that´s the day of my tap and jazz class! - Sasha
Joan Yankauskas School of Dance
Every teacher I´ve had as been extremely helpful and I´ve never been scared to ask for help. Miss Joan took me as a brand new dance student and helped me to become a dancer. Her personal touch helped boost my confidence. Coming to Miss Joan is the highlight of my week. - Gail
Joan Yankauskas School of Dance
I have been dancing here for 11 years, and I will keep dancing here in the future. Miss Joan makes every dance so you don´t want to stop. There are so many great people, and it´s very exciting. I have gotten my mom into dancing and she loves it. The teachers help us until we understand each step. I take tap, jazz, and the way Miss Joan makes the dances makes, it is so much fun. I love it here.- Lauren
I have been dancing at The Joan Yankauskas School for Dance for 13 years. I would not go anywhere else. My teachers always help me whenever I need it and give everyone individual attention. They have taught me so much about dance. The atmosphere is great and I have made friends that will last a lifetime. I love dance.- Karina
Joan Yankauskas School of Dance
I started dancing when I would bring my daughters for their lessons when they were younger. The have grown and I still come to this studio. Joan delivers the highest quality of individual care to every student. Here everyone is treated the same. It is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in which to learn the movement of dance.- Cheryl
Joan Yankauskas School of Dance
Excellent dancer and instructor classes from young children to adults I have been an adult student of Miss Joan´s since September 2000. I started with an adult ballet class and performed in the recital. I observed the other adults taking all types of dance classes with Miss Joan. It encouraged me to add a Jazz and Tap class the following year. For one year I had the opportunity to take a private ballet class. Miss Joan and her assistants provide instruction and coaching for each student to develop their potential. Miss Joan does her very best to create a dance class schedule based on the input of her customers (students and students parents), especially the adult students with full time jobs. After a nineteen year break, I was able to continue taking dance classes because The Joan Yankauskas School for Dance also includes dance classes for adults with or without former dance experience. - Linda K
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